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"I have been going to Sheila since this summer, and she has helped me... to be able to train and recover at my fullest. My most recent complaint was for pain due to a pulled rib muscle. After my session, the pain is now gone. She is an amazing practitioner, and really gets to the root of the what is wrong to help the body heal." Brenda E. 11-11-2014

"Very intuitive, compassionate & loving in her approach & very knowledgeable in her technical skills. Highly recommend." R. Goodall 06-09-2015

"Very knowledgeable and great skill! I don't even have to tell her what needs worked on, she just has this gift for awareness of what you need. Best massage therapist I have ever had." K. Gregg 12-16-2014

"Over the past few weeks I've visited Sheila's office. After each session I found that I ran with more ease and I ran faster! She worked miracles on sore muscles and limited range of motion. I truly feel her brand of massage is ideal for active individuals. It's great to run with no aches and full range of motion. I'm convinced that it is an important part in maintaining fitness and staying healthy. Thank you, Sheila!" Bob W. 02-13-2014

"ok so since my massage I have been noticing that the weight on my shoulders seems less and I have a more positive outlook. I have also been doing things I haven't done in years like simply walking by myself outside or eating at a new restaurant. silly stuff. I have also noticed that my pants are looser at the waist and my belly looks smaller. I am still eating the same although the past week I started working out again. I a not getting belly pain or hip pain like I had been either."
"i don't know exactly what you did but thank you so much for it. I really do feel amazing." C. Taylor 09-29-2013

 "I was lucky enough to be gifted 6 sessions as a birthday gift with Sheila from my husband. She makes the entire experience easy, restful and perfectly attune to what you need. My massages were in my home after work. She works with you to identify what areas of your body are in need of massage therapy (a little love) and when she finds something you didn't even realize she works through tightness until she can resolve it. She's also really great at explaining what is going in your body if you are interested in knowing....or being quiet if you are more interested in a restful experience."

"Sheila is perfect for you if you are looking for a REAL massage."  YogaTwistOnLife ~ Christine Saladino  7-20-2013

"...I had a bit of a tumble go around with a wet cliff and gravity last Saturday. Was lucky that there was no ligament damage or broken bones just a nasty sprain. Been in a good deal of discomfort for the last week. Sheila suggested that I come by and she would do some work on the muscles around my knee. She really worked wonders for me. She got the muscles that have been tight since the fall to relax and I could feel the difference before I even stepped off the table. Went to bed last night and for the first time since the fall I slept all night without waking up several times. Was not sure what a massage could do for sprained muscles but made a world of difference. Thank you Sheila I feel so much better today. M.H05-20-2013

 "I had never had a professional massage in my life before I met Sheila.  I imagined massage was a luxurious pleasure such as the rich might buy at a resort, not something that I would ever seek out for myself.  Boy was I ever wrong!  Sheila explained to me about the value of massage therapy and with my first appointment, I was hooked.  She found my body's weaknesses and strengths and was able to focus on the parts that most needed massage.  I learned that old injuries can have long lasting effects on the body which can be relieved and released by massage.  Massage is also proactive, in that it can prevent small knots and pains from turning into larger problems. 
And yes, it certainly is a wonderful feeling to have a skilled and knowledgeable and caring person attend to your body..." 
"I recommend Sheila's massage therapy to everyone, whether you have serious physical problems, or just want a "tuneup".  It is money well spent." 
S.J. 07-15-2013

"digs at my knots which relieves my back spasms :)  strong and talented ! thanks"  M. Levin, MD  1-24-2013 

"After training for the mini marathon I developed a constant nagging pain in my left hip/lowerback. I visited multiple doctors who all prescribed a mix of medications. I turned to Sheila instead. She targeted the exact problem area immediately and after one session I'm back to pre race health!!! Thanks so much!!! You do amazing work. Look forward to future massages!!!   Kate

"Your the best! My ankle looked almost normal this morning except for some purple and yellow coloring=). I'm amazed at how much the swelling went down and thought it would look like a balloon for another week.  Thanks again!!!"
B.G.  03-15-2012

"....I highly encourage you to go see Sheila Kelly. My neck and shoulders feel so much better than they have in a long time. She is awesome and I am planning on doing this on a regular basis. Thanks Sheila for working around my schedule." Marvin  03-09-2012


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